Malistaire Rejects Clan

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Welcome Wizards,


  • The Malistaire Rejects Clan is founded by Steven SkullSlinger.
  •  He wanted to create a clan to help other wizards on thier journey through the spiral.
  •  Crafting items, doing all quests, and gardening for max results. 
  • The clan will be helping each other out through farming for reagents, seeds, treasure cards, and equipment.
  • Please we ask that you read the rules,calendar, and the requirements for this clan.
  • We also like to invite everyone to the meetings, calendar, and forums to post for future help and questions.
  • This is our FaceBook  Page

Attention all new members  before register! Please use your Wizard101 Name. If you can't use the name contact us with user name and wizard name so we may keep a record of who is who. Thank you